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About Us

We strive to extract the "wisdom of life" from living organisms to the fullest extent possible in order to drive innovation in life sciences.

TALF Biosciences, LLC is a company that extracts and utilizes the survival technologies acquired by all living organisms through the process of evolution, from prokaryotes to eukaryotes. Unicellular prokaryotes appeared about 3.5 billion years ago, and through various environmental changes, multicellular eukaryotes have thrived and evolved to their current state. Throughout this process, organisms that were unable to adapt to environmental changes were eliminated, while those that could adapt survived and optimized their survival strategies. Our mission is to extract these survival technologies, which enable optimized organisms to survive to the fullest extent, and provide them to society as technologies and products.

One of the challenges we are addressing is the support of amateur researchers who conduct biological research as a hobby, including DIY biologists. Amateur researchers can enjoy conducting biological research without specialized knowledge or experience, by performing experiments and observations and collecting data themselves. However, the knowledge they gain is often not published in official academic journals and is not well-known to the general public.

Therefore, we aim to build a platform that connects professional researchers with amateur researchers and forms a new scientific community. We believe that the results of amateur researchers have great value, and supporting their research could lead to new discoveries and scientific progress.

We firmly believe that through collaboration with all those who are passionate about life sciences, we can contribute to the development of innovative solutions that fully leverage the "wisdom of life".


May 2, 2022
TALF Biosciences, LLC.

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